Why Should I Hire a Floor Sander Rather Than Buy One?


​When realising that we need a certain tool for the job one of our first thoughts is often to hire one. There are often some good reasons for hiring rather than buying, reasons which apply to the use of floor sanders, too. In this blog, we’re going to explore why floor sander hire is the ideal option.

Hiring VS Buying a Floor Sander

Saves You Time

​Floor sanders do not come cheap. If you buy one you will have needed to make sure that you have fully researched every aspect of each sander, and compared its merits to ensure you’re not wasting a large sum of money for something that turns out to be not right for the job. If you hired a floor sander, you will not make such a big loss, if the floor sander doesn’t perform in the way you required.

Another bonus to floor sander hire is that less time can also be spent on researching each sander model as you will not be purchasing the item. You’ll still want to be paying for a sander that works for you, but you will not have to go through quite the same process as if you were buying.


Saves You Money

​So, why is it that floor sander hire can save you money? Well, you may think that when you buy all you have to pay is that initial cost. However, most of the time this is just not the case. You will normally have to pay for insurance on the item, as well as other costs such as maintenance charges. With the hire option, it will usually only be the costs for the use of the tool.

If you purchase a floor sander you may also have to pay for storage when you’re not using it if you do not have enough space in your garden or garage, and that will quickly become very costly.

Furthermore, if you purchase the equipment outright, you will have to pay a large cost, as opposed to hiring out the sander and paying smaller amounts when and where you need it, which will be far more manageable for many individuals and companies.

Essentially, if you are looking for cheap floor sander hire you should not come up short. This is a market that can be very competitive. And of course, you may only need the sander for a short amount of time, or only need to use it on a few occasions, and in this instance buying it would be a complete waste of money, leaving hire to be a far more cost-effective solution.

Next time you require the use of a sander, before concerning yourself with large costs, storage solutions and research consider if it would be better for you to hire one. It can make a lot more sense for productivity and cost reasons in particular.

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