What Is a Welfare Unit and Do You Need One?

Construction workers on-site need to be provided with toilet and washing facilities, a rest area that provides shelter, and food prep areas. The Health and Safety Executive regulations confer a legal obligation on on-site managers to provide adequate facilities.

A supply of drinking water, shower facilities if dealing with toxic materials, and somewhere to store clothes or personal items should be provided. Only supplying a chemical toilet and a water tap is not adequate. A welfare unit giving access to good facilities has health benefits and makes your employees feel valued by the company.

What is a Welfare Unit?

Welfare units are temporary structures that offer shelter as well as a wide variety of features for your workers on-site. They come in various sizes depending on how many people will be using them. Access to mains water and mains sewerage is necessary for your welfare unit to function properly. 

A rest area with kitchen facilities, enough space to sit and eat meals, washing facilities with hot and cold water, and changing facilities will give your staff somewhere to rest and eat during break times.

plenty of Hi-Gear branded welfare units readily available

What Facilities Are Included in a Welfare Unit?

Welfare units need to be fully equipped to meet HSE regulations. If you’re searching for welfare unit hire in Leicester, Hi-Gear will meet your needs for service and maintenance. We can supply units to match the workforce; large welfare units for 10-16 people, or smaller ones for 6-8 people.

The larger units have well-equipped kitchen facilities with a sink, microwave, and kettle. Your workers can enjoy a large open-plan seating area with table and chairs. Other facilities include office and storage room, and vitally, toilet facilities. All units will be cleaned regularly.

Smaller units are similarly equipped with a generator to provide power plus a drying room. Hi-Gear offers cleaning services to ensure they meet HSE regs, and if the site is in a remote location with no mains water, chemical toilets are emptied and refilled regularly.

welfare units interiors contain kitchen essentials for the construction site

Why Do You Need a Welfare Unit?

For welfare unit hire in Leicester that you can trust, choose Hi-Gear. We will meet all the guidelines on health and safety that the duty holder on the construction site has to meet. The welfare facilities on site make sure that good levels of hygiene are kept up, keeping your workers healthy and hygienic.

Welfare units also provide a sheltered and warm environment for breaks and rest, needed in bad weather, and will reduce downtime.


Welfare units are an essential part of on-site services for the health and safety of the company workers and contractors. HSE regulations are a legal requirement to provide welfare facilities on construction sites. The workforce will appreciate them and not feel undervalued by the company with a better environment to work in. Using Hi-Gear will give peace of mind that your site will meet all the regulations and create a happy workforce.

Our Welfare Units

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