What Are Welfare Units And What Can They Bring To A Job?

What is a Welfare Unit and Who Needs One?

A welfare unit is a block of facilities that consists of a chemical toilet, canteen, a place to wash, and a drying room, that follow HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations. Often found on construction sites, events, or at festivals, welfare units can also hold changing rooms and resting areas, serving to upkeep welfare standards for staff and guests on-site.

Essentially, welfare units help to ensure hygiene standards can be maintained when usual indoor facilities are not available. They allow staff to get away from the building site, or the main event, to go to a clean and relaxing environment, which in turn, can mean increased staff morale. 

Welfare units can vary in size, depending on how many people will need to use the facilities and can be static or mobile. Static welfare units are often the appropriate solution for a long-term project such as ongoing work on a construction site, whereas mobile units can easily be transported and work best for shorter-term events.

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Benefits of Welfare Units and What They Can Bring to The Workplace


Having a welfare unit on site is hugely beneficial from a practical perspective. A welfare unit will make sure you avoid having your staff or guests frantically hurrying around and leaving the site in an attempt to look for the closest facilities. Welfare units improve the experience of guests and staff on your site as everything they need is nearby.


The great thing about welfare units is their versatility, which gives you the option to choose the most appropriate unit/s for you and your staff/guests, depending on your specific requirements. So, whether you’d like a large canteen welfare unit, an office base, or it’s just a toilet and washing facilities you’re after, then there will be a welfare unit for you.

Encourages Good Hygiene

Hygiene has never been more important to many of us than since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With manual workers in particular constantly being in contact with various touchpoints, other members of their team, and just general dirt from the site, having an area they can feel refreshed and safe is essential, as we all make a continued habit of maintaining better hygiene levels, especially with frequent hand washing.

Staff Morale

As briefly mentioned, one benefit of a welfare unit is that it can bring improved staff morale to your company. Welfare units show that you care about the well-being of your staff. When staff knows they are being looked after correctly, their productivity levels will likely increase and their overall workplace happiness.

Here at Hi-Gear, we provide several welfare units for your business to rent out. Contact us now to speak to a member of staff about how a welfare unit can benefit your staff or event, and which would be the best fit.