Where Can a Tracked Dumper Carry the Load?

What Is a Tracked Dumper?

A tracked dumper is vital for working in rough and difficult environments. These intelligent working vehicles are designed for carrying large amounts of bulk material when completing construction projects.

Tracked dumpers are fantastic when it’s necessary to transport denser loads on delicate surfaces as gaining traction is difficult for normal dumper trucks. If you need to keep the distribution of weight level on the tracks, the tracked dumper can perform this task, even with an uneven surface below. 

You will generally find that tracked dumpers excel in jobs such as:

They are fantastic as they allow you to transport vast amounts of wood, sand, and all the much-needed construction materials when completing a project. These tasks would be incredibly difficult to complete promptly without this vehicle.

What Are the Applications of The Tracked Dumper?

The tracked dumper is an important vehicle for any construction company. They have benefits such as being able to rotate freely, meaning they are more effective in environments with tight spaces. 

Some of the main reasons to consider using one of these are:

Increased Productivity

The vehicle doesn’t need to turn around as much to dump the load due to it being able to swivel, this keeps productivity high during the whole process. During a construction project, moving a vehicle is something that happens frequently, and the versatility of tracked dumpers keeps movement to a minimum. This speeds up jobs and boosts overall productivity.

Reduced Environmental Damage

Avoiding the need to keep turning the vehicle constantly over the same bit of soil, can also stop the driver from churning up the ground. This prevents any long-term damage to the surface.

This can be important when you are working with an easily degradable surface. Using tracked dumpers minimises the impact your heavy-duty vehicles are having on the area when in use. It also keeps disruption to wildlife and vegetation to a minimum, due to not having to move as often.

Site Safety

A tracked dumper is much safer to have on your construction site than a standard dumper due to the decreased amount of reversing and overall movement. 

A common area for when an accident occurs is when a vehicle is reversing or turning around. If you have large site equipment such as a scaffold tower, you don’t want your vehicles reversing into it and damaging the integrity of the structure. Anything that reduces these manoeuvres is an effective way to reduce the risk of a site accident.

The tracked rotating dumper is beneficial to the driver due to the swivel function. It allows the driver to be looking forwards the majority of the time during operation, giving better visibility of the surroundings.

So What Do You Do If You Need More Dumpers?


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