Top Reasons You Must Keep Your Welfare Unit Clean

Site owners should always provide welfare units for their workers where they can’t use local toilets and they have a legal obligation to do this. Proper maintenance of a welfare unit should be seen as essential, and they need to be serviced and kept clean regularly. To meet the required standard this needs to be done weekly as a minimum.

These standards are set by regulatory bodies including the HSE. They state that toilet facilities should ideally be connected to mains water and drainage systems. If this isn’t possible, then a built-in water supply and holding tank must be provided. Consideration also needs to be given to the number of toilets needed for the number of workers on a site. The frequency of cleaning will always depend on their usage.

plenty of Hi-Gear branded welfare units readily available

Keeping Your Welfare Unit Clean & Tidy

Hi-Gear offer a full rental and maintenance service for the construction industry. The company will work with customers to match their on-site requirements with the right units and provide cleaning and maintenance services. Let’s look at the services from the company and how to contact them for advice and quotes.

Hiring A Welfare Unit From Hi-Gear

Hi-Gear is an established company providing Welfare Unit hire and servicing matched to customer requirements. They offer a rental and full maintenance service tailored to the customers’ individual needs. Hi-Gear can be contacted for a quote using their website or by using their listed contact details to speak to their expert team directly.

Why You Should Keep Your Welfare Unit Clean & Tidy

Apart from legal requirements to provide and maintain Welfare Units it’s essential to keep your Welfare Units spotless because:

·   It’s great for the wellbeing of your employees and shows the company values them.

·   Regular cleaning will mean employees will be happy to use the facilities provided.

·   There will be less time lost from employees taking sick leave if they catch a bug from unsanitary welfare units, meaning your project will be completed faster.

·   The maintenance schedule will also include measures to keep the facility clean overall. This is massively important, especially on muddy sites.

Hiring Hi-Gear To Clean Your Welfare Unit

Hi-Gear will offer a cleaning service for both portable toilets and larger Welfare Units. This service will be provided as part of a hire agreement with the company. They can also provide cleaning services as a stand-alone service for both portable toilets and welfare units, replenishing water and chemicals and emptying the toilet. These services can be on a regular basis or simply as a one off by calling the company to arrange for a clean and replenishment.

Where Does Hi-Gear Operate?

Hi-Gear is an independent company that operates in the Leicestershire area, providing Welfare Units and Portable Toilet hire facilities for construction sites. We will service these facilities in all areas we cover, including remote locations. As a local company we can respond quickly to any customer requests.

Contact Hi-Gear Today Hi-Gear will provide a view of the services that the company offers. This will give you all the information you need for the options and services provided and there is a facility for an online quote. Alternatively, Hi-Gear’s office team can be contacted directly by calling 0116 254 3999 and talking to their friendly and helpful staff.