Tool Hire: Filling the Gaps In Inventory

A lot of people (who don’t work in construction) don’t understand how much organisation and preparation you need to do when you own a construction business. Not only do your clients expect excellent services, but they also expect them to be done quickly. Inevitably there will be times when you might not have the required tools to do a project to your client’s standards.

When you’re lacking the correct equipment to do a job properly, using a tool hire company can be a lifesaver. Instead of having to fork out a lot of money for your own tools, you can pay a smaller amount to use it for the time you need.

Tool hire is a solution that ensures your clients are happy and your projects get completed efficiently.

What tools and equipment might be missing from your inventory

Scaffold Towers

When you have so many jobs going on that your company has used up all their scaffolding towers, you still don’t need to turn customers away. Our towers are strong, sturdy, and affordable.

Extra towers may also be helpful if one day, you take on a client with a bigger project than your usual jobs.


Some projects need to be done in the heat. If it’s too cold, things can settle too quickly. Your customers don’t want to wait until the summer. However, by hiring one of our heaters, you can ensure the job is done to a high standard.

Cleaners and Pressure Washers

Your clients will not be happy if you do a fantastic job but leave behind a load of mess. But, when all your pressure washers are currently in use, I somehow doubt many will take “sorry” as an acceptable answer. It’s better to hire a pressure washer and make your client happy.

Cutting and Grinding Equipment

Perhaps you’re the kind of company who usually buys in floorboards and the like pre-cut. But one day, you get a client with very specific requests. Instead of having to turn them away for being “too fussy”, by hiring cutting equipment from us, you can give them the services they demand.

So Why Choose us for Tool Hire?

We’re not out here to pretend that we’re the only tool hire company on the planet. But, there are some advantages that we have over some of the other tool hire companies.

1.   Our equipment can be delivered to you the next day.

When you need equipment, neither you nor your customer wants to hear “You can’t do this job for another week”. But when you use our tool hire services, we’ll make sure the equipment gets to you the next day.

2.   We work on a supply basis.

Whatever you need, we’ll get it to you. Whether you need is a single pressure washer or seven scaffolding towers. If you need it, we’ll make sure you get it.

If these services sound useful to you, construction managers can contact our Leicester Branch. If you know what you need, you can just order it. But if you need help, feel free to contact one of our representatives who will work with you to figure out what equipment you require.