Things to Consider Before Hiring a Cherry Picker

Worker on cherry picker
Aerial of a worker with blue hardhat on a cherry picker

Originally, cherry pickers were made for picking cherries, as the name suggests. However, this aerial tool today has more uses than just fruit picking. The variety of tasks it can be used for range widely from roof fixing to window cleaning. Compared to scaffolding, the cherry picker has been found to be a safer alternative. It’s a good idea to research your options before hiring a cherry picker. The following are the top things to consider before you hire a cherry picker:

​​Know the type of cherry picker you need

​There are various types of cherry pickers out there that one can choose from, depending on the kind of work they want to do with it. We have an all-terrain self-propelled cherry pickers as well as vehicle-mounted cherry pickers. Each of these types is meant for specific tasks. By selecting the right kind of cherry picker, you potentially save yourself money as well as time. The efficiency at which you’ll be able to complete your task will be great and you’ll spend the least amount of time.

The reach and height

​The cherry picker’s height is the height from the surface on which it’s placed, all the way to the maximum height it can reach. The reach of the machine, on the other hand, is the measurement of the distance from the lifting arm or turret to the place where an average person can stretch their arm. This is from the boom when extended fully. This makes it very important to take the nature of work to be done into consideration. This way, risks of accidents in the workplace is reduced substantially.

The kind of working environment

​​Where the equipment will be used is another important consideration before cherry picker hire is to be done. Do a thorough examination of the place and see whether there are uneven slopes and bumps over the place. Each of these places has cherry pickers that are meant to be used on them. By doing a check on the work environment, you’ll be able to settle on the most suited machine. Also, find out if there are any potential obstacles or falling objects in the environment so that the project isn’t interfered with. If you’re to work indoors, ensure there is proper ventilation. This should help remedy any hazards at the place of work before the actual work starts.

Safety and Risk Assessment

​Properly assessing the risks involved in the project is vital in the prevention of accidents. It provides you with several countermeasures to make sure the work smooth and is uninterrupted. You can even hire the services of an expert to help you mitigate the problem that may be facing you at the workplace. The safety equipment that comes with the cherry picker should be part of the assessment.

Legal Requirements

​Never overlook the documents and papers that protect you from eventualities that may arise with the law in case something goes wrong. Included in the legal requirements are certifications, licenses as well as the manpower that you’ve hired from the cherry picker hire company. You should be confident that matters touching all these legal issues are sufficiently explored.