Scaffolding Tower Hire for Small to Medium-Sized Construction Companies


What is Scaffolding?

In the construction industry, scaffolding is a must-have for any sized business. This is a structure that can be assembled to temporarily support the main structure. It can be extremely valuable for workmen as construction workers can use it as a platform to carry materials and get to hard-to-reach areas.

Depending on the type of work that is required, the type of scaffolding varies in style but is always made from steel. The reason steel is used is because the material must be strong enough and offer stability to support workmen walking on the platforms.

What Types of Scaffolding Are There?

There is a wide range of scaffolding available for scaffold tower hire and the best option depends on the task at hand. The main options used in the construction industry are:

Steel scaffolding – This option is made up of single steel cylinders which are then bound together with fittings. Due to how easy it is to assemble and disassemble, it’s a very practical choice for construction workers. Steel scaffolding is a safe system for staff to use when working on a wide range of projects.

Suspended scaffolding – Suspended scaffolding uses chains or wire ropes to lower the platform from the roofline. This scaffold is lightweight, enables your team to work at greater heights, and improves workflow efficiency. Few parts are needed to assemble the structure, so are simple to put together and transport.

Trestle scaffolding – Slightly different from the other types of scaffolding, trestle scaffolding is a movable working platform with supportive ladders attached. It’s mostly used for work indoors, so you may find painters and decorators using this type of scaffolding.

Double scaffolding – This type of scaffolding is used for stone masonry, which is why it’s earned the nickname, masonry’s scaffolding. In stone walls, it can be difficult to drill holes in them for support, so an additional row of scaffolding is necessary. To make it more secure, cross braces are also used alongside rakers. 

Cantilever scaffolding – This type of scaffolding is used when other scaffold towers are unable to be erected because of obstacles. If the structure beneath the scaffolding is fragile, cantilever scaffolding reduces the risk of potential damage occurring.

How Can Scaffold Hire Help?

Is your business struggling to provide the right number of scaffolding resources for a job? Or do you feel you cannot accept more business customers because of limited tools? If this is the case, consider tool hire or scaffold tower hire.

At Hi-Gear, we specialise in providing businesses with the right tools to keep them in action. Our team can supply tower scaffolding, various power tool hire, grinding equipment, and toilet hire – no matter what types of tools or equipment you require, we can supply them.

Don’t allow your business to run low on construction supplies, especially when your business has construction projects to complete. Get in touch by giving us a call on 0116 254 399 or to check out our extensive range of tools for hire visit our tool hire catalogue. If you already know what tools you need, get in contact with a member of our team to work out a tool hire package that works for you.