Prepare for Spring with Hired Garden Tools

Getting your garden spring-ready can be a chore. It takes time and can cost a lot of money if you have a large space. If you’re not a keen gardener, the costs of garden tools may even outweigh the benefits of making that extra effort.

If you’re a once-yearly gardener, you’re not alone and there are ways to overcome the costs and get that beautiful outdoor space ready to show off.

Raking – The first thing you’ll need to do is remove any evidence of autumn or winter. If you have trees or bushes that aren’t evergreen, you’ll inevitably end up with dead leaves covering any grass or patio areas. Raking your grass not only makes it look tidier, but it allows the sun to get to the grass and turns the soil to allow for new blades to grow through.

Lawnmower – Mowing your lawn is a must. If you don’t cut your grass after winter it will look unsightly and won’t grow any healthy new blades. It might also be helpful to sow some grass seeds after you’ve mowed to thicken up any areas where the grass has died due to damp or cold weather.

Edging – Damp weather can cause the soil in your flower beds to merge with your grassy areas. You need to create a clean, fresh, and more modern look for spring. An edger will cut away old grass borders around your flower beds, giving you clear, straight lines. A strimmer will also help you get to those hard-to-reach areas that your lawnmower misses.

Pruning – Despite the cold weather, your hardier plants and bushes can get a little out of hand over the winter. You can hire gas-powered hedge cutters, hedge trimmers, and smaller pruning shears to push back all the overgrown branches and create trim, neat shapes. This also aids healthy growth throughout the spring, so your plants look fuller.

Planting – Bring some fresh colour to your garden by planting perennials – flowers and plants that bloom throughout the spring and summer. Flowers such as Epimediums, Cowslips, or Euphorbias are all great options and they’ll even flower in shady spots. You can even hire smaller garden tools such as trowels and forks to get the whole job done in one go.

Hire Garden Tools

Using these easy techniques will give you the basis for a glorious garden but purchasing all of these expensive garden tools could be well out of your budget. The best option would be to hire your gardening appliances for a few weeks at a massively reduced cost.

Hiring from a specialist company means you can choose from lawnmowers to hedge trimmers, hiring them for as long as you need, and you’ll only pay for the time you use them. They even deliver them to your door on dates that work for you.

Hiring garden appliances saves on precious space in your garden which may normally be taken up by a shed or outhouse to store your tools in and you’re not responsible for the upkeep or replacement of the tools either.

You will need to consider the weather forecast around the time that you plan on creating your garden masterpiece. Bad weather may extend your hire time, so plan in enough time for rain delays.