UK Post-Pandemic Tool Shortages: Solved by Tool Hire

We have probably all experienced the same issue with the toilet roll aisle in the supermarket when the pandemic began. Not to mention people stockpiling items such as tinned food, bottled water, frozen food, hand sanitiser, and paracetamol. Post-pandemic shortages, and the Suez Canal blockage to boot, has led to a large wave of shortages across the board.

According to many different sources online, and due to the disruption of global trade flows, there is a shortage of a variety of different commodities and essentials such as medical equipment, milkshakes, and of course, labouring tools. A combination of Brexit and the pandemic is thought to be the cause and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better any time soon.

We’ve seen the pressure on many businesses and in particular local stores. Many companies have ceased trading as they are unable to function to the best of their ability due to staff shortages because of COVID-19, for example. There is also a lack of equipment due to the standstill of importation of goods being allowed into the country. Most goods are now subject to customs duties, which means there is a very slow process for obtaining the items needed to perform your job.

Consider Tool Hire 

Whether you are someone who uses tools on a self-employed basis or you work for a large company, work tools are essential to be able to perform your role effectively. There is currently a shortage of tools and opting for tool hire could be an ideal solution.

Hi-Gear is a hire company that specialises in plant and tool hire that enables you to hire high-quality tools at your convenience. There is a wide range of equipment for different jobs such as:

●  Sanding

●  Power and lighting

●  Ladders

●  Heating and pumps

●  Drilling and fixing

●  Ground care and gardening

●  Cutting and grinding

●  Pressure washers

How Could the Tool Shortage Affect You?

If you’re a small business, experiencing a tool shortage when your customers need could set you back considerably. Don’t be put into a position where you need to turn down work and lose out on profits and business. 

While you may understand that the aftermath of the pandemic has caused the tool shortages, your customer may not see it this way. It’s your duty, as the business owner, to always provide the services to the best of your ability. 

Tool Hire Costs

Another reason to consider tool hire is that some of the larger industrial tools such as ground care equipment can be very costly. If you are a new business, fronting these sorts of costs can be impossible and you may need to take on a lot of work to make it a smart investment. A tool hire company may be what you need here as you will have access to the right tools for the project but you don’t need to pay those hefty costs.

Hiring tools could also save you money on warehousing costs. The storage and maintenance of large, industrial tools cost much more in the long run than just buying them outright. This means that they could be much more expensive than you originally planned for.

If you hire tools, you only need to use them for the time that you’re doing the job. There’s no need for long-term storage. You also don’t need to shell out for any breakages because your tool hire company will normally come with an insurance policy to cover you.


Many local traders have been using our tool hire services during this tool shortage and have been reaping the benefits of being able to suit and fit demand. During these unprecedented times, this could bring a well-deserved boost to your business as well. To get in contact with our team and get your quote today contact us or  call us directly at 01162 543999 and see how Hi-Gear can help today.