How To Install Portable Toilets On Your Work Site

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Why Do You Require Portable Toilet?

If you have a construction project to manage, it is essential to provide your employees with somewhere to “powder their nose”. If providing access to permanent toilets is not possible, the only other option is to install portable toilets. Regardless of whether you opt for semi-permanent toilet blocks or high-quality plastic portable loos, your employees will be comfortable if you choose the right option for your work site:

Worksites and outdoor events may not have toilets, which is why there is a need for an alternative, because it’s really not possible to ignore when nature calls. Portable toilets offer a way to maintain good hygiene as well as comfort even in the roughest of worksite situations.

Besides, using portable toilets is considerably cheaper compared to building permanent units. You should keep in mind that the semi-permanent toilet blocks offer more comfort options and space compared to the singular portable toilet.

How Do You Install Portable Toilet Units?

Hiring portable toilets should be a simple process, but what do you do once the toilets are delivered at the worksite? Well, the installation process is quite straightforward as well, especially for chemical toilets.

Once the most appropriate location for the portable toilet has been selected, and the toilet installed. Plumbing and ensuring that all fluids are working correctly is simple enough to do.

However, for larger units, you will need more specialist equipment for easier moving and positioning of the units. There are also obviously more plumbing and drainage systems to check before use.

If the units have mains access, be sure to place them as close as you can to plumbing and power outlets. That way, you will even have access to hot water. If there is no access to the mains plumbing for the waste pipe, you can purchase an effluent sewage tank. Such tanks can be placed beneath or alongside the toilet unit for collection of everything that gets flushed away.

Portable Toilets

Cleaning The Portable Toilets

If you were able to connect the portable toilets to the mains, you should not have any problem cleaning the units. They are easy to clean just like the toilets at home since they have access to the mains plumbing and sewage system. With just a little bit of elbow grease and some bleach, the units should be as good as new.

Self-contained chemical loos are not so simple to clean, on the other hand. This is mainly because they store the waste as opposed to flushing it away. Therefore, you will need a waste-suction truck if you want to drain the toilet. The same applies to units with effluent sewage tanks.

You will then require the antibacterial chemicals that are used to refill the toilet. This often raises environmental pollution concerns as some of the chemicals used in portable toilets have toxic, environmentally damaging substances.

To enhance comfort and improved hygiene, the toilets should be equipped with an odour elimination system. They should also contain enough consumables such as soap and toilet paper that should be replaced frequently.

That’s how much you need to know about the installation of portable toilets, as they are a requirement at any work site. Hiring and installing portable toilet units at your work site is hands down one of the best ways to ensure that the work site is hygienic and comfortable for your employees. 

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