How Often Should A Portable Toilet Be Emptied?

Portable toilet maintenance is essential for construction sites. Having a portable toilet for construction sites means that your workers can conveniently use these local toilets, increasing your productivity as longer breaks aren’t required for toilet accessibility.

However, because of their frequent use, you will need to consider the upkeep and cleaning of each toilet to meet hygiene regulations. This is something that you’ll need to factor into your site toilet hire costs.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that all portable toilet maintenance should be conducted at least once per week to meet the required standards.

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Understanding The Process Of Emptying A Portable Toilet

When you pay a service or hire a company to clean your portable toilets weekly, they will empty out the tank connected underneath the toilet and refill with clean water and chemicals which kill bacteria and make the whole thing smell a little nicer.

The company will also wipe down the surfaces inside the toilet with bacteria removing agents and replace the toilet roll and hand washing soap and towels.

They will also hook up a deodoriser to keep the toilet smelling fresher for longer.

What Are The Dangers Of Maintenance Negligence?

When hiring portable toilet for construction site use, you will also need to consider the implications of not maintaining your toilets.

Failing to comply with the current OHSA standards can lead to fines or an investigation on your project if the issue is reported.

But aside from the legal obligations, not keeping a sanitary portable toilet on site can lead to serious health issues, which might have an impact on your staffing levels and ability to keep your project running efficiently.

Your staff are also likely to be unhappy if they’re forced to use dirty toilets and you don’t want to have to deal with complaints on top of managing an already stressful project.

Not cleaning your portable toilets can also have repercussions for the environment, especially if any of the fluid leaks into the surrounding area. Because of the chemicals contained in a portaloo, the vegetation and ground surrounding the toilet could be damaged.

What Chemicals Are Used When Emptying A Portable Toilet?

Your portable toilet uses a variety of chemicals to mask the smell and sight of the waste and also to protect its users from bacteria and potential disease.


Blue dye is used to cover the sight of the waste so that the toilet users don’t need to look at it when they flush.


Remove odour-producing bacteria in the waste, which helps to reduce the smell. Such chemicals are often used to sanitise public areas. Chlorine is the biocide used in swimming pools, for example.


These are the detergents that sanitise the areas around waste to kill bacteria. They also create a barrier between the toilet users and the waste by removing the odour and solidifying the waste.


Each time the toilet tank is emptied, it is also sprayed with fragrances to ensure a pleasant experience for longer.

How Often Should A Portable Toilet Be Emptied?

To maintain your portable toilet for construction site use, you should reach out to the hire service or independent cleaning service at least once per week to ensure you’re meeting current hygiene regulations.

Hiring Portable Toilets

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