How Heating & Drying Equipment Can Aid Work in The Winter


Winter season is a time of the year when temperatures are quite low, and since the British weather is so unpredictable at times, this could mean a season of wind and rain, or a season of snow and ice. In almost all places, there are people experiencing severe cold.

For human beings, this time of the year possesses several threats to their health. Exposure to severe cold and dry air could have adverse effects on a person’s immune system. Some of the health issues that are rampant during this season.
There are a range of different portable heating and drying units available on the market or for hire.

Portable Heating Unit

​This equipment is a perfect solution to provide heating for people within a small area. When construction is going on during winter, portable heater units can be placed in various rooms to keep the builders warm. The four main types of this heating unit include;

Portable Fan Heater

​It uses an electric coil to generate heat that is distributed by a fan. This equipment is cheap but makes a lot of noise when turned on. Because of the fan, this type of heater allows for you to heat up an area much more efficiently.

Convector Heater

​This type of heater works by warming up the cool air surrounding the heater. The heat energy is then transferred to around the area it is placed in.

Oil-filled Heater

​The oil-filled heater generates heat by combining oil and an electric current. When these two mix together, it begins to heat the oil which will maintain the heat even after the oil heater has been turned off.

Halogen Heater

​The halogen heaters on the market today use the halogen element incorporated within their heating lamp and bulb. Halogen heaters are widely used as outdoor heaters. This is because they also produce a high intensity of heat and light, meaning that workers are benefiting from a clearer work-site and enough heat to remain comfortable.

Heated Enclosure

​The heated enclosure is very useful when it comes to the drying of concrete. However, its installation process is time-consuming. The issue with using a heated enclosure They also produce carbon dioxide, which could cause bubbling on the concrete surface. However, with proper ventilation, this bubbling is prevented.

Gloves and Footwear

​These are meant to keep the builders warm while they work in such cold weather. Gloves and mittens are used to reduce heat loss through the hands. The tools for use should be designed such that the workers can have a better grip using the gloves or mittens. The footwear used by workers should help keep their feet warm. In most cases, they should also be waterproof. It is also recommendable to put on thick socks, either one or two pairs.

Building clothing