A Guide to Pressure Washers

If you have any exterior surfaces in need of a deep clean then a pressure washer is probably the solution for you. Used for light, moderate and heavy cleaning, pressure washers are in incredible demand for a variety of cleaning purposes.

What Are Pressure Washers?

Pressure washers are machines that use a high-powered jet of water, with adjustable nozzles to control settings for pressure and surface area, to remove debris, dirt, and grime, and any number of other issues coating exterior surfaces and appliances that need to be cleaned up. Water is fed into the machine then either an electric or gas motor shoots it out at high speed to clean surfaces.

Pressure washers can be fun and easy to use, super-efficient, and promote health and safety benefits for respiratory systems by removing many different kinds of harmful bacteria, mould, and fungus. They can be used to reach high places or other hard-to-reach areas and wash away years of dirt.

With pressure washers you can clean a wide variety of surfaces, from glass and tiles to wood and pavement. As well as marble or brick, metal, and so much more. Some common applications include cleaning decks, garages, patios, gutters and siding, roofs and any other possible exterior surfaces around the home. Just be careful about standing too close when cleaning glass.

They can also be used to clean appliances or outdoor furniture like plastic chairs, tables and bicycles or skateboards, kayaks, or even vehicles like boats and trucks. Pretty much anything else you can think of that has been exposed to the outdoor elements for extended periods can be cleaned by pressure washers.

A Guide to Pressure Washers

Pressure Washing Solutions

While acquiring a pressure washer can be super-efficient if you have to schedule lots of routine cleaning, hiring a pressure washing service can be a more practical solution for you depending on your needs.

Most people don’t require a routine deep cleaning every week or even every month. In these cases having a pressure washing service come down and complete a thorough and professional job can save you a lot of time and hassle.

On top of that, there can be some risks involved in using a pressure washer, hiring a service provider ensures you have someone informed on all the possible dos and don’ts involved in using a pressure washer. This minimises any possible risks in the process while ensuring a professional job is completed.

There are some safety protocols to using a pressure washer like starting two feet away, never operating a pressure washer while using a ladder, and being cautious of a harsh recoil. While these may seem simple enough considerations there are plenty of on-site factors to consider which is why years of professional experience should never be dismissed.

Experienced professionals will know time-saving techniques and employ a standard of safety and quality most people won’t be able to match. They come equipped with the safety gear and tools required to complete any job such as goggles, closed shoes, and harnesses for roof access or working at heights and more.

That is why if you only need the job done occasionally, hiring a pressure washer may be the most practical and efficient solution for you.

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